Jiarui Gao

I am a senior undergraduate student at School of Computer Science, Fudan University, China. I am advised by Prof. Yanwei Fu and Prof. Yu-Gang Jiang. My research interests are machine learning and its applications, especially with regards to computer vision and multimedia.

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Frame-Transformer Emotion Classification Network

Jiarui Gao, Yanwei Fu, Yu-Gang Jiang, and Xiangyang Xue
ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval(ICMR), 2017

In this paper, we propose a new architecture–Frame-Transformer Emotion Classi cation Network (FT-EC-net) to solve three highly correlated emotion analysis tasks: emotion recognition, emotion attribution and emotion-oriented summarization. We also contribute a new dataset for emotion attribution task by annotating the ground-truth labels of attribution segments.

PontTrust PontTrust

A Multi-task Neural Approach for Emotion Attribution, Classification and Summarization

Guoyun Tu, Yanwei Fu, Jiarui Gao, Boyang Li, Yu-Gang Jiang and Xiangyang Xue
Under review of IEEE Transactions on Multimedia

We propose a new neural approach Frame-Bi-stream Emotion Attribution-Classification Network(BEAC-Net), an end-to-end trainable neural architecture that tackles emotion attribution and classification simultaneously with significant performance improvements. Also we propose an efficient dynamic programming method for video summarization based on the output of A-Net. To establish a good benchmark for emotion attribution, we re-annotate the Ekman-6 dataset with the most emotion-oriented segments which can be used as the ground-truth for the emotion attribution task.


BigVid Lab, Fudan University

Research Assistant Supervised by Prof. Yanwei Fu and Prof. Yu-Gang Jiang.

Video Emotion Recognition and Detection

Zero Shot Learning for Image Recognition

Nov 2015 - present

Corporate & Funding Technology, Morgan Stanley

Summer Analyst Supervised by Michael(Xiaozhong) Zhang

Flow Engine for Outside Business Interest System

Jul 2017 - Sept 2017